Brunsvigia josephinae

Brunsvigia josephinae Brunsvigia josephinae

Thanks Ruth Bancroft Garden for donating seed for this magnificent creature! Named for Napoleon’s first wife, Emp. Josephine, the flowering candelabra can span a meter! Taking many years before blooming, leave it in a large pot (30” minimum), or in a well drained & undisturbed garden spot. Beautiful glaucous leaves appear in Winter & but are gone in Summer, when the gigundo flower appears. OK with poor soil, don’t over-fertilize & do withhold Summer water. Culture is similar to the “Naked Lady Lilies”, a common roadside spectacle. Can I call it a “Naked Amazon”?? Good drainage is essential! To 2' high.

Claire Woods

Brunsvigia josephinae

photo: James Gaither

No Summer Water
deer resistant drought tolerant
Perennial Bulb
USDA Zones 9-11