Bomarea sp.
“Climbing Alstroemeria”

Bomarea sp. “Climbing Alstroemeria”

We’re pleased as punch to offer these choice, rare seed-grown plants even though we’re not quite sure what species they are, or even what color the flowers are going to be, as the seed came without these details attached. Flowers are held in large, generally pendulous clusters of many flowers at a time, & they’re most likely some fiery combination of red, yellow & orange with spotted throats. Bomareas are luxuriantly vigourous & gloriously tropical once established, provided you keep the roots cool, & the tops in a decent amount of sun. They also prefer regular water, & if you’ve got good, well drained soil they don’t mind that either, but like their Alstroemeria friends, they really aren’t all that fussy. Tops die back to tuberous roots in winter. Provide the support of a largish trellis. Can be brought indoors in colder zones.

Claire Woods

Regular water
Perennial Vine
USDA Zones 9-11