Alchemilla mollis ‘Robusta’
“Giant Lady’s Mantle”

Alchemilla mollis ‘Robusta’ “Giant Lady’s Mantle”

Have you discovered the wonders of “Lady’s Mantle” yet? A fabulous problem solver for the shade garden. ‘Robusta’ grows much more upright, with larger leaves than the average species. To 2’ tall & wide, it’s a clumper with rounded, velvety, soft foliage famous for holding rain drops on its leaves looking like jewels for several hours. In early Summer to early Fall, it bears loose sprays of tiny yellow flowers. The ‘Robusta’ variety often blooms twice. Excellent as a ground cover, it grows well in HEAVY CLAY SOIL & is quite DROUGHT TOLERANT once established. Provides lots of long lasting cut flowers that also dry well.



Sun/Pt. Shade
Avg./Low Water

drought tolerant

USDA zones 3-10