Impatiens namchabarwensis
"Blue Diamond Impatiens"

Impatiens namchabarwensis Blue Diamond Impatiens Impatiens namchabarwensis Blue Diamond Impatiens

To die for! This most tantalizing perennial Impatiens bears masses of bright ultramarine blue blooms. To 1.5” across and highlighted by a yellow throat, the flowers are displayed in abundance on a multi-branched 2’x2’ plant. The color seems to change with temperature and exposure – sometimes it’s REALLY TRULY BLUE and other times it’s a deep purple, but it’s always exquisite. Discovered in 2003 growing in a limited area in the Namcha Barwa Canyon* in Tibet at an elevation of 3,000’. Where it’s not perennially hardy, it should self-sow readily for new plants next season. Easy to grow in rich soil. Thrives in containers!

*A canyon that’s not only the deepest canyon in the world - twice as deep as the Grand Canyon - but is also an area that’s been studied only since 1994. Can you say WOW?

Note: Generally, species Impatiens prefer cool Summer climates with little frost, and suffer in areas with too much heat and humidity!


AM Sun/Shade
Average Water
Perennial Zones 10-11
Reseeding Annual in other Zones