Hibiscus splendens
“Pink Hollyhock Tree”

Photo (right) by Strange Wonderful Things

The Queen of the Hibiscus tribe and the inspiration of much plant lust! We are the only nursery in the universe (slight exaggeration here) to offer this RARE, exclusive and “splendid” shrub Hibiscus from Australia, which exemplifies flower-flooziness in all its glory. Exquisite huge blooms appear within 1 year and can reach a ginormous 6” across - cotton candy pink surrounding a showy clump of deep crimson anthers – gorgeous! Attractive silvery-green foliage. Though it can grow to 10’ tall – ours reached 8’ x 6' in one year – tip pinch or prune back by 1/3 for best rounded shrub appearance. Tolerates clay-ish soil. Drought tolerant once established and evergreen, although it’s only marginally frost hardy (to 26 degrees F). Organic fertilizer annually.


Full Sun
  Average Water 
Perennial Shrub
USDA Zones 9-10