‘Double Innocence’ 

Delphinium Double Innocence Delphinium Double Innocence

Almost too lovely for words, ‘Double Innocence’ comes to us from the Dowdeswell family of New Zealand. If you’ve yet to discover these “Towers of Power,” you must try one. Really, one is all you need! Extra large, double pure white flowers are centered by a charming green eye on huge spikes to 6’ tall. Reliably perennial (even here in CA), they get bigger and better every year, sending up more and more simultaneous spikes and easily reaching 4’ or 5’ across. Mildew resistant - even here in the fogbelt. The trick to greatness is growing them in richy rich soil with lots of compost. When the flower spikes look spent, cut them back to 4” and you’ll get another round or two of bloom. Bait for snails with Sluggo. Outrageous cut flowers!

Delphinium Double Innocence Delphinium Double Innocence


Full Sun
Average Water

USDA Zones 3-10
deer resistant