Aloe variegata
“Tiger Aloe”

Aloe variegata Tiger Aloe
Photo by Karelj

“Tiger Aloe” is named for its attractive boat-shaped dark green leaves with white mottling. The edges of the leaves are smooth or slightly toothed but the prickles are not sharp. Grows to be about 12” tall and 9” wide. The blooms are large and vary in color from dusty pink to orange to red. Aloe variegata blooms anywhere from mid-Winter to mid-Spring and can often be propagated by offsets. In its native South Africa it is often grown on grave sites since the Aloe seems to “live eternally” through extreme drought. Makes a good container plant. Make sure not to overwater as it can rot the base of the plant.

Sun/Pt. Sun
Low/Avg. Water
Perennial Succulent
USDA zones 9-11