Lupinus regalis
‘Gallery Blue’

Lupinus regalis Gallery Blue Lupine

We are delighted to bring you another MILDEW RESISTANT, VIGOROUS and long blooming Lupine that grows so well here in our foggy coastal climate. For years we have so coveted those storybook Lupines seen in photos of East Coast gardens but they just wouldn’t grow here. Now we can rejoice! Big luscious 12” or more erect spikes of rich purple-blue and maroon bicolor blooms can now be had mid-Spring through Fall. Cut them for bouquets or dead head for continuous bloom. The lush bright green palmate leaves really stand out in the garden too and form a nice dense mound to 2’ tall and 3’ across. Now remember, storybook Lupines are rather picky and need rich humusy soil. I side-dress with compost once in early Spring and again in Summer for plant happiness and the most blooms. Goes deciduous in Winter but returns reliably each Spring. A great plant for attracting butterflies and bees and deer hate it! Will wilt if it gets too dry.


Full Sun
Average Water

USDA Zones 4-10a