Asclepias cancellata
“Wild Cotton”

Asclepias cancellata "Wild Cotton" Asclepias cancellata "Wild Cotton"

Beautiful, bushy, evergreen & highly drought tolerant, this rare South African “Milkweed” is also a spectacular Monarch Butterfly magnet & host*, & important source of nectar & food for the lovely larvae. Base-branching with strong upright stems & soft-green foliage, it creates a dense & shrubby shape 4’ x 4’. Fragrant white & purple intricately sculptural blooms are held in large 3” pendulous clusters all over the plant. The flowers develop into fluffy seed heads, hence the name “Wild Cotton”. Well-drained soil & some compost for best appearance.


Asclepias cancellata "Wild Cotton"

PLEASE BE ADVISED - Due to CA agricultural regulations, we’re required to treat all plants, including Asclepias, plants with BT (a non-toxic, naturally occurring biological larvicide) to help combat the Light Brown Apple Moth (LBAM). BT is toxic to caterpillars. If you plan to introduce Monarch caterpillars to this plant, we recommend letting it establish for one year before doing so to ensure it is large enough to provide sufficient food and the BT has had time to wear off.

Full Sun
Low/Avg Water

USDA Zones 8-10