Montanoa grandiflora
“Tree Daisy”

Montanoa grandiflora “Tree Daisy”

If ever there was a plant to herald the Fall, this is it. All Spring and Summer, this “Tree Daisy” grows big, lush and green, inhabiting a 10’ x 10’ space in the garden. When the light wanes and the weather cools, it pulls out the big guns and trumpets the shortened days with a prolific display of large white daisies that smell deliciously of fresh-baked cupcakes. The flowers smother the whole bush till you can barely see the green anymore! This display continues for over a month, followed by lovely and bouquet-worthy chartreuse seed heads, which persist thru Winter. After bloom, it’s time to chop the plant back hard, so it can begin the cycle again in the Spring with fresh new growth. Regular water seems best and feeding is definitely encouraged if you want to keep this plant looking good. Said to be marginally frost hardy, but I’ve seen it growing where frost is a regular occurrence, so who knows??


Average Water

USDA zones 9-11