Epilobium angustifolium
“Long Tall Sally”

Epilobium angustifolium “Great Willow Herb” Epilobium angustifolium “Great Willow Herb”

An exceptionally colorful, stalwart & hardy California native perennial that is sometimes confused with Lythrum salicaria “Purple Loostrife” (invasive pest in California). It’s beautiful, easy & you can grow it! Generally it grows about 2’-3’ tall, but has been known to reach 6’-8’ in colder climes like Alaska. Long, upright dense spikes of four-petalled flowers appear mid-Summer thru Fall atop yellow stems & attractive willow-like foliage. Loved by bees, it also has many medicinal uses & the new shoots (up to 8”) can be cooked like asparagus. Grown in any ordinary garden soil, this plant is especially useful for creating a reliable patch of color in the back of a garden! If kept moist it can spread some by wandering roots – just pluck out the new shoots & they’ll stop right there or grow it in a large container. Don’t grow it near a creek or wet area, as it can become a weed in wet soil.


Epilobium angustifolium “Great Willow Herb”


USDA Zones 1-10a