Delosperma lavisiae

All season bloom is yours to be had with this well-behaved, easy, ground-covery succulent. To 2” tall at the most and filling out into a dense, rich green, weed suppressing mat – 30” across – it’s super great for trailing over the edge of a bed and simplifying bare spots. Heat tolerant and fuss free, it blooms big in Spring – lesser thru Summer – with a second big flush in Fall. Silky pink, yellow-eyed flowers are 1” across. Interspace with equally matting and well behaved Delosperma nubigenum for visual interest! Give good drainage and a boost of compost once a year. Would be neat in a hanging basket! Deer resistant!

Sun/Part Sun
(in hottest areas)
Low/Avg. Water

USDA zones 7-10