Gomphrena decumbens
“Airy Bachelor Buttons”

Gomphrena decumbens Airy Bachelor Buttons Gomphrena decumbens Airy Bachelor Buttons

I picked this up at a small out-of-state nursery a few years ago not really knowing what it was and it has turned out to be one of the coolest plants I’ve grown. It creates the typical papery “Bachelor Button” flowers but they are tiny and form by the thousands on each plant. The cute magenta-purple balls occur on wiry chalk white stems and create an airy puff all around the plant. This Gomphrena is a perennial here in the Bay Area unlike other annual “Bachelor Buttons”. To 3’ tall by 8’ wide, it blooms Summer thru Fall. Cut it back to the ground in Winter for fresh growth the following year. Reseeds gently and the airy flowers look great mixing in between other plants. Makes a very cool cut and dried flower too.

Kelly Kilpatrick

Sun/Pt. Shade
Low/Avg. Water

Perennial Shrub
USDA zones 9b-11
(maybe lower?)