Mimetes cucullatus “Rooistompie”

Mimetes cucullates “Rooistompie” Mimetes cucullates “Rooistompie”

Due to limited availabilty we can only allow 1 per customer. Thanks for understanding!

This rare, lust-worthy plant has the sort of animal magnetism usually reserved exclusively for babies, puppies & fluffy baby chickens. I’ve seen sooooo many people come in & bypass most of our rarities & go right to this plant. Asking if we have it I always have to tell them that we don’t, & then they feel very sad. Well, we’ve figured out how to propagate it, but it’s REALLY IFFY, takes a REALLY LONG TIME, & we only get a few! An easy Protea to cultivate – it can deal with regular water, occasional feeding, & isn’t too picky about soil, once it is established. Do transplant up in moderation! It gets to be 3’x3’, & the tips of the pagoda-like foliage are a perpetual glowing red. Ours is in a 24” pot in regular potting mix, & has been thriving happily & always lovely for the past three years. We’re excited to be able to offer our few plants! The price is proportionate to the amount of labor involved in producing the particular crop, & may change depending on our rate of success. Responds well to hard-pruning once established.

Claire Woods

Full Sun/Pt. Sun
USDA Zones 9-11