Stipa pulchra
“Purple Needlegrass”

The state grass of California! It once constituted much of the native California grasslands before they disappeared. Growing to about 18” tall and 12” wide, Nasella pulchra blooms in late Winter through early Spring. It produces airy, waving seedheads that start out purple and then become silvery-tan. Would look great planted with early blooming California annuals like Nemophila menziesii and Eschscholzia caespitosa. The seeds with their stems attached look like a needle and thread, hence the common name. The roots of this grass can grow as deep as 20’ and this grass is thought to be able to live as long as 200 years. Tolerates dry clay and will go dormant in a dry summer garden, but otherwise will stay green all year. Self sows but is not invasive and needs open soil to germinate.


Sun/Part Sun
Low/Avg. Water

CA Native Perennial Grass
USDA zones 7-11