Primula polyantha
'Victoriana Silver Laced Black'

Primula polyantha 'Victoriana Silver Laced Black'

Rare, reliable, long-lived - you gotta have it! I love this heirloom Primula grown since the 1600's because unlike modern hybrids, they live for many years & with care will eventually spread to form a lovely blooming mat to 3' across! Long-blooming here in Zone 10a, 'Silver Laced Black' will put up new flower clusters from Fall through mid-late Spring. The small but beautiful & charming black (with a gold eye) flowers are perfectly outlined in silvery-white and held atop 2" – 3" stems (yay for stems!). Grow in bright shade or AM sun in rich soil & dress with compost several times a year for pure perfection. Wonderful in a container too, just move up a pot size as it begins to spread. May go deciduous in colder zones, or if it dries out, but always reliably returns with Spring or moisture.


AM Sun/Brt. Shade

USDA Zones 3-11