Kniphofia caulescens

Kniphofia caulescens Kniphofia caulescens


I can honestly say I’ve never met a Kniphofia that I didn’t like & this is one of my favorites. The foliage is wide & a beautiful silver-blue color. The leaves are held fairly stiffly, giving it the look of an Aloe when not in bloom. Chunky flower heads of orange tubes age to a pale yellow. In late Summer through Fall. The foliage is so great, it’s worth growing for that alone. The rosettes will eventually form basal stems if grown in a warm climate where they won’t freeze back. Native to the Drakensburg Mountains of South Africa, this Kniphofia is pretty cold hardy. It will look best in rich, well drained soil. To 3’x3’ clump. Hummingbirds love the flowers!

Kelly Kilpatrick

Sun-Part Sun
Low-Avg. water
USDA Zones 5-11