Heracleum lanatum
“Cow Parsnip”

A Pacific Coast Native that will definitely make a statement in your garden! Large, bold leaves reach nearly 2’ in length and the white flat-topped flowers can be 10” across! Blooms June-August and provides nectar for lots of good bugs. Pretty tan colored seed heads smell faintly of anise and can be left through the Winter to provide food for birds. Reaches 5’ tall and wide, has hairy stems and interesting swollen buds where the leaves begin to emerge. Great for the back of the bed. Native Americans roasted the young stalks and ate the pith and the young roots were cooked as vegetables. Found in moist areas, but can tolerate going dry in late Summer. Reseeds. The tiny hairs on Heracleum can cause skin irritation so wear long sleeves and gloves when gardening around them!

Average Water

CA Native Perennial/Biennial
USDA Zones 3-11