Agave attenuata
"Swan's Neck Agave"

Agave Attenuata Swans Neck Agave Agave attenuata
Photo (Left) Forest & Kim Starr (Right) David Feix

One Lollapalooza of a focal point! And a fabulous container plant, too, with its smooth (no wicked hooks), soft green leaves forming large architectural rosettes and its high tolerance for being pot-bound, we think more folks should pot it up! In the ground, the rosettes can grow up to 4’ across held on stout stems up to 4’ tall, spreading by rosettes to 7’ across. 7’-10’ crazy-cool “swansneck” spikes clothed in a mass of lemony chartreuse flowers appear 10 years after planting (earlier in a pot) attracting hordes of happy bees. Flowering rosette dies thereafter but side rosettes or “pups” can be counted on to carry on the incredible show. BEST with some Summer water and well-drained soil.

Agave Attenuata Swans Neck Agave Agave Attenuata Swans Neck Agave


Sun(coastal)/Part Sun
Low/Average Water

Monocarpic Succulent
USDA Zones 9-11