Gladiolus carneus
“Painted Lady”

Oh do we love this rare and beautiful South African species Gladiolus! Huge, 1.5” flaring soft pink flowers painted deep crimson in the throat captivate even those bored-to-death “significant others” our visitors drag along to the nursery. Long-blooming, the flowers appear on upright arching stems to 2' tall mid-Spring to June or July here in USDA zone 10. Spreading easily by cormlets after a few seasons, you’ll have a lovely patch at least 30” across. So much more graceful and elegant than their overblown modern hybrids. Grow in well-drained soil with our without Summer water. Choice in well drained rock gardens, dry gardens and containers. Summer deciduous.


Full Sun
Avg/No Summer Water

Perennial Bulb
USDA Zones 9-11