Heteropyxis natalensis
“Lavender Tree”

I’m so excited about this South African tree! Scented foliage & flowers, cool shreddy bark & good Fall color - Sign me up! Heteropyxis has shiny dark green leaves that are paler green underneath. They smell of lavender when crushed. The yellow-green flowers are fragrant too & bloom in Summer. They attract butterflies & bees. The bark is white when young & when older it becomes grey & peels to reveal orange patches below. The tree tops out at 30’ tall but is usually smaller - perfect for us with smaller gardens. It also can be grown in a large container. Would make an excellent patio tree. The deciduous leaves will take on a rich red color & persist long into the Winter. It often colors up best in dry areas. The leaves can be used in teas & also for potpourri. The wood is hard & has a pinkish color to it. Many of the parts of this tree can be used medicinally. Not Rhino resistant! The foliage & bark are often browsed by Rhinos.

Kelly Kilpatrick

Low/Avg. water
USDA Zones 9-11