Gladiolus dalenii
“Candy-Corn Glad”

Gladiolus dalenii “Candy-Corn Glad” Gladiolus dalenii “Candy-Corn Glad”

These very striking flowers will brighten up your garden during the dull season of late Summer & Fall. The orangey-red & yellow “candy corn” flowers will bloom appropriately around Halloween. Coincidently enough, in South Africa where this Glad is native to, the children there will suck the flower for the sweet nectar just like many of us did (& still do) with Honeysuckle. The actual flowers can also be eaten raw or cooked & are absolutely beautiful tossed in a salad. The flower spike will reach to 3’ tall. This species is a parent to many of the florist’s hybrids found today. Grows in grassy places & open woods of Summer rainfall areas of South Africa. Needs supplemental water in our dry Summer. Traffic stopping when planted in large groups. Well-drained soil.

Kelly Kilpatrick

Average water
Deciduous bulb
USDA Zones 8-11