Kennedia nigricans
(aka Kennedya nigricans)
“Black Coral Pea”

Kennedia nigricans "Black Coral Pea" Kennedia nigricans "Black Coral Pea"

Here you go clay owners – a heck of a muscular vine, once it sinks its roots into your clay, it will just laugh & go merrily forth to form an evergreen mass of deep green leathery leaves 10-15’ tall & wide. A profusion of remarkable 2” true black “parrot’s beak” blooms burst out in Spring with some bloom continuing throughout Summer. A must for the goth garden, or if you’ve always wanted a true-black flowering plant. This native Australian climber loves hot, dry climates. Ours has thrived for years in an 18” hole filled with soil dug into hard-pan clay. A bit of compost helped get it going. Studly covering for an ugly fence or hot bare bank.


Avg/Low water

USDA Zones 7-10