Cunonia capensis
“Butterspoon Tree”

Cunonia capensis “Butterspoon Tree” Cunonia capensis “Butterspoon Tree”

A wonderful tree from South Africa named “Butterknife Tree” because of the fascinating red leaf stipules that look like butter knives. The foliage is most beautiful - the new growth is bronze & the older foliage is glossy green & evergreen. With showy white fragrant 10-12” flowers that are bottlebrush shaped & appear in Summer. From South Africa, it is found growing in forests where it can reach up to 30’, but in more open areas it gets to be only 15’ tall & wide. It is fast growing but the wood is hard & fine grained & can be used in furniture making. Grows beautifully in a large pot for years. May take a few years to flower, but be patient & the foliage alone makes it work growing anyway! Grows best in mild climates, Cunonia doesn’t care for heat. Don’t let it get too dry either, since it really prefers moist soil.

Kelly Kilpatrick

Sun-Brt. shade
Avg-Moist water
USDA Zones 9-11