Passiflora alata
“Fragrant Granadilla”

Passiflora alata "Fragrant Granadilla"
Photo (Left) by Bernard Loison

With its beautiful, fragrant flowers, Passiflora alata is a definite favorite among passion flowers. A vigorous grower from 10’-20’, it bears in late Summer to early Fall absolutely stunning, pendulous flowers, 4” across, with dark crimson petals (actually sepals) & fascinating violet & white striped filaments. The large, almost leathery leaves are attractive year around. Grown in home gardens & commercially for its fragrant edible fruit in Brazil, we are lacking its pollinator here in the U.S. so you’ll probably need two plants and will have to hand pollinate to achieve fruit. Cold hardy to 28°-30°, it can be brought inside during Winter in colder climates. Best grown in a warm spot in rich, regularly watered soil. Flowers appear on new growth, so any pruning should be done early in the season. Can be grown in a large container too.


Average water

deer resistant

USDA Zones 10A-11