Cerastium candidissimum

Cerastium candidissimum Cerastium candidissimum

Not your common “Snow in Summer” (Cerastium tomentosum) – which I find highly invasive and then goes all mushy after a year, forcing you to hate it and terminate its very memory from your garden. Prettier, lower growing and extremely well behaved – I’m nuts over this rare species. It forms a superb dense mat 6-7” tall of brazilliant small silvery white leaves, lovely for trailing over the edge of a raised bed and providing a bright silvery foliar accent. Best of all, it only spreads slowly to about 3’ across and can be easily trimmed to any size. Loads of small white single blooms appear in mid-Summer for extra thrills. Highly drought tolerant, just provide decent drainage – not clay.


Avg./Low water

USDA Zones 4-10