Cassia didymobotrya
“Popcorn Cassia”

Crazy cool upright bloom spikes, lush tropical foliage and surprising scent are propelling this attention-grabbing African perennial legume into new-found popularity. Loads of bright golden-yellow blooms emerging from dramatically contrasting plump black buds rise well above the leaves over a long season –  from Summer thru Fall here in cool Summer USDA zone 9b and almost year-round in warmer zones. And everyone's favorite bonus: rub the leaves and you'll get the rich scent of buttered popcorn! A powerful garden accent and quick grower in rich soil, ours tops out at 4' x 5' but it can reach a magnificent 6-8' tall in warmer climes. Breathtaking combined with large-leaved fellows like bananas and cannas. Do protect from prolonged frosts and cut back to 1' after bloom to keep it bushy. It can also be grown as an annual. Deer resistant, pest free and attracts bees and butterflies!


Full Sun
Avg/Low Water

USDA Zones 9b-11
(Annual Elsewhere)