Clematis ligusticifolia
“Western Clematis”

Clematis ligusticifolia "Western Clematis" clematis ligusticifolia Western Clematis

Once established, this tough-as-nails CA native vine is here to stay! With a dense smothery froth of cheery, bee and butterfly attracting, 1” white flowers late Summer to Fall. After bloom when the showy, fluffy seed heads follow. Twining stems do well climbing a trellis, fence, or scrambling through a tree. Grows to about 15’ tall. Native from Northwest Mexico to British Columbia - it can be aggressive in areas with high rainfall, like the Pacific Northwest. Often found growing along streams or wet places, it also does well under dry conditions once established – even growing under native oaks! Remains evergreen with adequate water. Adaptable to a range of soils.

Sun/Pt. Shade
Low Water/Moist

CA Native Perennial Vine
USDA Zones 3-10