Ribes aureum
“Golden Currant”

Ribes aureum “Golden Currant” Ribes aureum “Golden Currant”

photos: (left) randomtruth (right) Annelis

This less commonly seen species of Ribes makes a lovely shrub. The golden yellow flowers are small but the quality is quite showy. Grows quickly into an arching shrub to 9’ tall and is drought tolerant once established. It's also deciduous, bringing beautiful red color to the Fall garden. Hummingbirds love the flowers and many other birds adore the nutritious black fruit. If you can beat the birds to the berries, they make an excellent jam. Ribes aureum is native to California but the seed for our plants was collected in New Mexico and may be somewhat genetically different.

Kelly Kilpatrick

Sun-Pt. Sun
Low/Avg Water
USDA Zones 5-10