Passiflora manicata ‘Red’

Passiflora manicata ‘Red’ Passiflora manicata ‘Red’
photo:(left) JG in SF (right) Ted Kipping

We’ve had this highly showy, evergreen, Passion vine growing on the front fence of our nursery for several years. Everyone has asked for it & now we’ve finally got around to offering it! Fast & vigorous & tolerant of light frosts for sure, it’s much more hardy than the familiar & less showy than P. ‘Coral Seas.’ Blooming all year around with a grand explosion of bloom in late Summer & Fall, the 3” to 4”, vivid, scarlet flowers are a perfect contrast against the large, rich, green, almost leathery foliage. Fast growing to 20’, it certainly makes a great fence cover. Just give it rich soil & stand back! Hardy to 25 degrees F.



Avg./Low water

deer resistant

Perennial Vine
USDA zones 9-10