Keckiella cordifolia
“Heartleaf Penstemon”

Keckiella cordifolia “Heartleaf Penstemon” Keckiella cordifolia “Heartleaf Penstemon”

photo:(right) chuck b.

Hummingbirds go bonkers over the lovely scar­let blooms on this CA native evergreen 3-6’ shrub. Bunched at branch ends, 1-2” long, red-orange tubular flowers bloom May-July. Has heart shaped leaves and will stay evergreen in mild climates. Goes deciduous in colder areas as well as under drought stress. Arching branches work well against a fence, intertwining nicely neighbors, or grow it the way Mother Nature does – spilling down a hillside. Give it some Summer water and decent drainage. Cut back to 1’ in Fall. Deer resistant. Drought tolerant.


Sun/Pt. Shade
More shade inland
Low/Average water

CA Native Perennial
USDA Zones 6b-11