Gladiolus cardinalis
“Waterfall Gladiolus”

Gladiolus cardinalis Waterfall Gladiolus Gladiolus cardinalis Waterfall Gladiolus

So stunningly beautiful you’ll want to kneel down and give thanks to the Gladiolus Gods when you see this almost extinct-in-the wild species bloom! Formerly found growing under waterfalls and on wet cliffs of S. Africa, it likes some shade and moisture throughout the year even while dormant. Forming sturdy dense clumps of sword-shaped foliage over time, this Gladiolus is long-lived, easy to grow and thrives in our Mediterranean climate. The large bright cardinal red blooms have striking white flashes (nectar guides) on the lower tepals and are borne 4-11 per spike in May and June. The blooming stems (to 2’ tall) arch gracefully outwards.


Part Sun
Low/Avg. Water
Perennial S. African Bulb
USDA Zones 8-10