Helianthus annuus
“Delta Sunflower”

Helianthus annuus Delta Sunflower

So carefree, you see them growing along freeways in the central valley of California, this ancestor of the domesticated Sunflower is native to the Western states. Besides being lovely, it’s HEAT and DROUGHT TOLERANT and DEER RESISTANT! Blooming like crazy for 3+ months, the 3-4” flowers bounce around on many branched stems to cheer up your Summer garden. Adored by butterflies, bees and birds. Makes a great show in the garden or you can plant them in 10-15 gallon pots and move them around your deck, patio or outside a window for special effects. To 6’x5’ and not fussy about soil, it’s showiest with drainage and some fertility.


Full Sun

Avg./No Summer Water
CA Native Annual
All zones