Puya alpestris
“Sapphire Tower”


Puya alpestris Sapphire Tower Puya alpestris Sapphire Tower

No, this is not a creation of Photoshop! I like to call it our "personal-sized" Puya, as this Chilean alpine member of the Pineapple family reaches only 3-4' tall, making it far easier to place than its much taller brethren. Lasting for about a month and a half, the stout spikes created a sensation that amazed visitors to our demo garden who asked "No way! Is it real?" Unearthly, metallic-looking, deep turquoise blooms 2" across are highlighted with bright orange anthers, looking like nothing else in the plant world. Happy hummingbirds will sip the copious sweet nectar and perch on the sterile stems that jut out between flowers. The low growing, ever-silvery-green mound of slender, sharply hooked leaves definitely keep the deer way. Ours bloomed in its second year here at the nursery – many years faster than fellow turquoise (and much taller) bloomer, Puya berteroniana. Totally easy in well drained soil and can be grown in a large container. Hardy to 15-20 degrees F. Occasional summer water for best appearance.

Puya alpestris Sapphire Tower Puya alpestris Sapphire Tower


Full Sun
Low/Avg. Water

USDA Zones 8b-10