Clarkia unguiculata
‘Salmon Princess’

Clarkia unguiculata ‘Salmon Princess’Clarkia unguiculata ‘Salmon Princess’

Imagine growing your own butterflies! I love our tall, native Clarkias & ‘Salmon Princess’ brings a cottage feel to the garden as it mingles so charmingly with neighboring plants. Long blooming, lasting well into Summer/Fall, 'Salmon Princess’ creates a graceful, upright branching form to 3’ x 2’ covered in what looks like a mass of peachy fluttering, 1” blooms! Lovely com­bined with Scabiosa caucasica ‘Perfecta Alba’ or go native by partnering it with Salvia cleve­landii . You’ll have plenty of handsome, long lasting stems (up to 3 weeks!) to bring indoors. Not fussy about soil. Available until mid-April.


Full Sun
Avg./No Summer Water 

CA Native Annual
All Zones