Gladiolus flanaganii
“Suicide Lily”

Gladiolus flanaganii “Suicide Lily” Gladiolus flanaganii “Suicide Lily”

A rare and unusual Gladiolus species found growing on cliff faces in the high Drakensberg. Called “Suicide Lily” because of the danger of clambering down cliff faces to see the blooms up close. But now you can enjoy them in a non-life-threatening situation! The 2” across bright red flowers form on short spikes to 10” tall. Up to seven flowers can appear in succession on each spike. Easy to grow, Gladiolus flanaganii is Summer blooming and tolerant of Summer water. Going dormant in late summer, its leaves return in Fall-Winter. Often grown in a good-sized clay pots with well draining soil, Gladiolus species appreciate occasional fertilizer. Hardy to 14°F.


Average-low water

S. African bulb
USDA zones 8b-10