Calandrinia spectabilis
Calandrinia spectabilis Calandrinia spectabilis

This spectacular Chilean perennial gets my highest recommendation as the best, super EASY, everblooming, deer-resistant plant for a dry garden or difficult spot. Blooming from May to forever (mine was still in full bloom at the end of November), this most robust succulent produces a continuous supply of hundreds of bouncy, bright cerise, 1.5,” single, rose-like flowers – without deadheading! Color coordinating, attractive, blue-green foliage spreads quickly into a dense, 15” x 4’ groundcover, suppressing all weeds as it grows. Do give it a home in that parking strip that looks so sad, (it’s kid proof!) that blah hillside or anywhere you’d love to see continuous easy color. Cut back to 6” in Winter and add a bit of compost in Spring for perfect appearance next season. Decent drainage. Drought tolerant!

Calandrinia spectabilis


Pt. Sun(inland)

Avg./Low Water 

USDA Zones 8-10