Thysanocarpus radians
"Fringe Pod"

Thysanocarpus radians "Fringe Pod" Thysanocarpus radians "Fringe Pod"

This cutie annual from California grasslands & chaparral is often overlooked, which is too bad. The spike of white flowers develops into charming, green, flat seedpods with lacy edges that look like the doilies your grandmother kept on the back of her sofa cushions. Blooming March through May from a rosette of grassy leaves, Thysanocarpus comes from the Greek word thusanos, which means “fringed” & karpos, which means “fruit” referring to the fringed-edge seedpods. The seeds are edible if parched or they can be ground up & combined with flour. To 1-2’ tall and 1’ wide.

Kelly Kilpatrick-Prop.

Sun-Part sun
Low-Average water
All Zones