Aloe castanea
“Cat’s Tail Aloe”

Aloe castanea Cats Tail Aloe Aloe castanea Cats Tail Aloe

A Winter-blooming, multi-branching tree Aloe that can reach 12’ tall! Numerous 3’ tall flower stalks emerge from each rosette, with hundreds of blooms less than 1” in an unusual dark orange-brown color. The slightly undulating stalk look like a waving cat’s tail, thus its common name, “Cat’s Tail Aloe”. Naturally forms a central trunk that branches at the top, supporting several rosettes comprised of narrow, 5’ long leaves. If pruned, it can be trained to branch lower down for a shrubbier habit. Drought tolerant but it blooms better if given some water in the Summer. Provide good drainage and rich soil. Adding a layer of compost every year is a good thing. Width depends on the number of rosettes, but plan for it to reach at least 10’ wide. From South Africa.

Full Sun
(Part shade in Hotter climates)
Low/Average Water

Perennial Succulent
USDA Zones 9-10