Clarkia rubicunda

Clarkia rubicunda Shamini Clarkia rubicunda Shamini

Clarkia rubicunda is the last Clarkia to go into bloom in my garden and it keeps blooming all through Summer without any additional water. The ‘Shamini’ selection (probably a hybrid) blooms longer and later than the species and often lasts into September. It also has a unique upright habit that can reach up to 5’, but normally stays about 3’ tall and wide. The 2.5-3” flowers are single to semi-double and intense carmine red with a lighter edge. In the garden it makes a stunning combination with Clarkia ‘Aurora’ and Nigella hispanica. In the vase it is a great long-stemmed and long-lasting flower. And, like all of our Clarkias, they’ll drop their seeds, sprout with the rains and flower again each year without you having to water! Clay tolerant, but plant in rich, well-draining soil for best show. Available until mid-April.

Clarkia rubicunda Shamini Clarkia rubicunda Shamini
Full Sun
Avg/No Summer Water

CA Native Annual
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