Phylica pubescens

Phylica pubescens Phylica pubescens
Photo (left) by David Feix

Big shout out to our “Ladies of Perpetual Propagation” here at the nursery for allowing us to offer this fantastic evergreen S. African shrub! Highly unusual in appearance and feel, a mass of upright branching “feather duster” stems bear slender horizontal leaves covered in silvery-white “hairs” – so soft and fluffy to the touch! Generally reaching 4’x4’, do position it where it will be back-lit by the sun and behold when all those “hairs” begin to glow! Feathery, gold-tones, white flowers appear at branch tips for most of Summer. DO provide very well-drained, sandy loam and good air circulation.

Phylica pubescens Phylica pubescens


Low Water

Perennial Shrub
USDA zones 9-10