Lewisia longipetala
‘Little Peach’

Lewisia longipetala 'Little Peach' Lewisia longipetala 'Little Peach'

Beautiful, cold hardy and immensely rewarding, “Cliff Maids” LOVE excellent drainage and that’s all you need to enjoy their delightful explosion of bloom twice (!) a season in mid-Spring and again in late Summer. Pretty succulent rosettes to 10” across are completely overshadowed when the prolific sprays of bewitching 1” flowers held on numerous, sturdy, 6” radiating stems appear. Long-lived and happy stuck in rock walls, these CA and OR natives will thrive in clay pots with plenty of gravel added or on the edges of raised beds. Fertilize once or twice a year for best thrills! “Little Peach” is one of the heaviest blooming varieties. Drought tolerant, exceptionally deer resistant.


AM Shade (inland)

Avg./Low Water
CA Native Perennial
USDA zone 4-10