Cussonia spicata
“Cabbage Tree”

Cussonia spicata “Cabbage Tree” Cussonia spicata “Cabbage Tree”

Easy, fast growing & distinctive, “Cabbage Trees” look much like Dr. Seuss’ “truffula trees” in their younger years. The fun shape it creates is rather like a palm tree with the foliage popping out of the top of a single, thick, corky-barked trunk. The evergreen foliage is cool looking - smooth, bluish-green & deeply lobed. The light colored corky bark is interesting & attractive. Thick, candle-like flower spikes emerge from the central foliage tuft in late Spring to early Summer. I’ve only seen them reach a height of 10’-12’ but they reach 30’ in their native environment, eventually becoming a multi-stemmed, multi-branched tree. Growth rate depends on how much water you provide & they much prefer & regular watering. “Cabbage Tree” makes a wonderful accent plant for a patio, tropicalesque or collector’s garden & is an excellent choice for a large container.


Avg. water/Moist

USDA zones 9b-11