Manulea altissima

Manulea altissima Manulea altissima

One of Annie’s favorite plants! Manulea altissima is a very rare South African perennial for fragrance connoisseurs & sophisticates. The flowers have been described as “both attractive & repulsive” – I think of the fragrance as a combination of freshly baked lemon meringue pie, but with slightly skunky undertones. I find the smell addictive – it’s both delicious & curious. The plant itself grows neat, grayish foliage to about 1’ & the flowers range above it on long 24", sturdy stalks. The flowers are tightly packed in clusters – white with yellow centers – for an arrangement that looks a bit like popcorn on a stick. The flowers combine nicely with others in bouquets & hold over a long period. You definitely need to provide good drainage or else it may be short lived. Fun & funky!

Claire Woods


USDA Zones 8-10