Lampranthus aureus
‘Orange Form’

Lampranthus aureus ‘Orange Form’

LOW MAINTENANCE, NO MAINTENANCE – your choice! Drought tolerant and deer resistant, here’s your ticket for eye-popping color in your dry garden. This rarely seen, non-invasive “Ice Plant” blankets itself with good sized 2.5” incandescent orange, rayed flowers for several months in Spring and somewhat lesser bloom thru Summer (with occasional water). I like the dense 1’ x 2’ mound of slender deep green succulent foliage. Tolerant of neglect, but you can make it a superstar in well-drained soil and an annual 1” side-dress of compost. Cut back to 3” after a year or so to keep it fresh and compact. Butterflies! Fire resistant.


Sun/Pt. Sun
Avg/No Summer Water

Perennial Succulent
USDA Zones 9-11