Callirhoe involucrata
“Wine Cups”

This useful LONG-LIVED, TOUGH, tap-rooted groundcover hails from dry meadows, prairies and rocky banks of the Midwest. Ideal for spilling over the edge of dry and rock gardens, as well as more fertile, loamy spots, “Wine Cups” is also one terrific bloomer gifting us with an abundance of striking, silky vivid magenta-pink sky-facing “poppies” 2-3” across. And backlit by the sun they positively glow! Long-blooming from May to September , with its pretty green palmate foliage, it’s a welcome visual respite from all those silvery-greys of a dry garden. Cut back to base in late Fall. A little compost in Spring makes it even more amazing. Butterflies!

Sun/Pt. Sun
Avg./Low Water

USDA zones 5-9
drought tolerant