‘Emeryville Pink’

Vitis Emeryville Pink Grape Vitis Emeryville Pink Grape

Thanks to California Rare Fruit Growers and our own favorite food farmer, propagator Anni Jensen, we offer you the best grape for coastal gardening. Sweetening right up here in our fog zone, ‘Emeryville Pink’ bears an abundance of flavorful mid-size pink fruit with seeds so tiny, there’s no need to spit them out. Grows 6-8’ its first year and then takes off in year two, giving you plenty to harvest. An American type grape seedling found by the Bay in Emeryville. We've been growing it successfully for years on our nursery fence and it's always a beloved seasonal snack for visitors and employees alike!


Due to Agricultural Restrictions we cannot ship this plant to Ohio.

Sun/PM Shade
Average Water
Perennial Vine
USDA Zones 7-11