Datura wrightii
“Sacred Datura”

Datura wrightii "Sacred Datura"

Got a neglected, HOT, DRY spot with POOR SOIL? Native to hot areas of California and deserts of the Southwest, this stunning member of the tomato family tolerates the harshest conditions as well as regular garden situations (right). Large, dramatic, bold, blue-green leaves form a compact 3’ x 3’ mound topped with marvelously huge upright pearly white and sweetly fragrant trumpets 8” across. Long-blooming from late Spring to Fall. Pollinated by Hawkmoths! Great in containers (15+ gal). Deadhead spent blooms to prevent spiky seed pods and any unwanted seedlings. Absolutely deer proof! All parts poisonous/hallucinogenic. Evergreen to deciduous.



Sun/Afternoon Sun

Avg./Low water
(once established)

USDA Zone 7-10
(Annual Elsewhere)