Tithonia diversifolia
“Bolivian Sunflower”

Sunflowers for Winter! Now this is a big plant and you have to have the room for it, but wow - it’s a stunner and fragrant, too! Quickly growing from 10-20’ tall and spreading to probably 10-12’ wide - or more in rich soil - it blooms as early as September thru March attracting Monarch butterflies from near and far. Many stout, branching stalks are formed from the base and are topped by many 6” to 7” bright golden daisies. The fragrance is my favorite - chocolate! (No kidding). The deep leaves are large and deeply lobed and tropical looking. Tithonia diversifolius can be cut back to 1’ tall after bloom to control height somewhat. Also, it’s easy to prune to control width. Rich soil is best.



Sun/Part Sun
Average Water

USDA zones 9b-11