Bupleurum fruticosum
“Shrubby Hare’s Ear”

Bupleurum fruticosum Bupleurum fruticosum

Unusual, graceful & evergreen, this shrub should be a celebrated garden plant due to its remarkable goodwill in growing so well in many different locations. Growing fairly quickly to 4’ x 4’, it forms a bushy shrub with narrow, oval, waxy, blue-green foliage. From July to September it produces pleasant 3- 4” across umbels of sulphur yellow flowers, contrasting nicely with the dark foliage. As it matures, the stems arch over, making it perfect for a wall, container or covering old stumps. Makes an excellent foil for showier plants & combines nicely with purple foliage or flowers. It also makes a good hedge  & takes well to pruning. Coastal folks will love it as it THRIVES IN SALT SPRAY. Average to rich, well-drained soil is best.


Sun/Pt. Sun
Avg./Low Water in mild areas


USDA Zones 6-10